Schrott Regatta!

September 2012 Funkhaus Grunau,

For the first edition of the regatta we had lot of wind, and lot of fun! 
The team Burocratie won with a sailing boat made out of cardboard and tape.

 Team Duse work in progress; Frying oil plastik tank and wood.

 Buroctratie ready to go!

 Kottitrube; Plastik tank and wood.

 Team Eisen AuA is hitchiking to the start line, squatting Punte Rossi raft.

 Burocratie on the finish line!

 Team Petite, made out of mayonnaise and ketchup bucket!

 Team Eisen AuA drifting around.

 Team Goldman Sachs is sinking.

 Team Pedalo is moving with a Shark.

 Polynesian Catamaran on the finish line after a long, very long journey.

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