mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Diner: Silonia

We can smile no one got atomised, the silonios still live in peace in their little village. Big thanx to the guest to keep the location secret.
Food was good, and the Silonios are really welcoming people, big up to them!
Unfortunatly they have no mail adress to send them the pictures, Marita will try to print them and take the boat again to deliver it...

Butt and Better #2

Located at the Sissyphos for the summer July 2011 version, Findus made it again!
Plenty ideas pop-up into plenty minds, some of them took places other are still bubling in many heads waiting for the Butt and Better#3 in January 2012!

The Findus was very proud again thanx for the support and for the smiles! Thanx for the good weather even the rain was good.

Butt and Better #1

January 2011, they made it!
Findus rent out an empty supermarket in front of the Tempelhoff Airport for week-end of fashion, art and dance. The Bread and Butter better stay in it box, Findus show up his first Butt and Better and tried to break the rules.
Thanx to all the people who came, support and had fun. Everything was shining and sweating even a bit foggy in the end...

Diner: Le Bal Blanc

                   The last diner organized by the "Findus travel agency" worked out gently and nicely, in the end everyone is still alive...

The food was organized by old, very old party gohsts. They invited some alive people to share food and dance with them. They spontaneously squat out the "Balhaus Grunau". The death lead the guest to the gohst on the nice bakleberry raft. During the trip she explained that gohst administration got too complecated  for her. The ghost must go back to life or die definitly.

The guests cohperate easily and after a short integration felt very close to the gohsts. In the end they all admit that this gohsts were too nice to desapear definitly. After a short death dance they all came back to life. The first being feelings they had was an heavy digestion and a big hang over...

You probably gonna have chance to know more about their knew life on the next diner, some of them might gonna come...

Thanx for all, see you at the next findus travel.

Big Thanx to Max for the Pictures