Butt X Better #3

The Butt and Better number 3 took place in an old wharehouse in Mitte the 27 and 28 January 2012. 30 artists and 10 designers took over the place to create for 2 days a very nice different world with other perceptions!
The fashion designers and the artists tried to present works wich without nasty impact for the planet. The Butt and Better made a big step to show how up-cycling and creativity can work good together against wastes and blind consomation.

     Fatal, Berlin

My Bicylette, Marseilles

Martine Beis, Berlin

 Tim Simons, Netherland

 Licht Piraten, Berlin

Licht Piraten eat Tim Simons

Lilith, Berlin

Tim Simons meet Batman

 Liseloth Vandanne, Netherland

                          Fashion Demo, against the industrie and the waste they create.

 Anne Kirshoff, Berlin

                                Fashion Demo, about fair trade and against children work.

Shadow Kino, Berlin

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